Unlimited Wedding Coverage
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Why do I need "unlimited coverage" at my wedding?
Talk to any bride or groom and they will be sure to tell you their wedding day went by way to fast. So many important moments "just happen", you are surrounded by close friends and family and maybe just a little nervous. The last thing you want to think about is your photographers schedule and what time they are exiting the party. Not to mention, Murphy's Law is usually in full effect at a wedding. Someone will forget a jacket or shoes, have a flat tire or just sleep a little late and before you know what happened, your photographer is letting you know they have to leave to catch "the next gig".
First, we don't view your wedding day as "the next gig". We always arrive early and stay until the party is over. Many times, the most memorable moments will happen when you are hanging out with friends and getting ready or late in the evening when grandma shows her stuff on the dance floor. It's your big day and we want to be sure to catch every moment.