Wedding Photographers (a.k.a. your paparazzi)
Wedding Photo

Why would I want two photographers at my wedding?
The quick answer is this - one photographer cannot completely cover a wedding day.
We provide a blended coverage with photojournalistic (candid) coverage and traditional portraits. Most clients request traditional portraits with family, friends and the wedding party as part of their wedding day events. Imagine we spend 1-2 hours total with group portraits. Maybe 15-minutes with the guys, 30-minutes with ladies and 30-minutes to 1-hour with family & friends. While we are working with the guys, the ladies might be putting on makeup or maybe we are working with the brides family and guys are planning a prank or just having a blast hanging out. With only one photographer, all the other "moments" would be lost because the one photographer would be busy capturing traditional portraits.
In addition, with two photographers, you will receive multiple angles of many shots - like the first kiss! This helps us to make sure you get the perfect shot of every perfect moment. We are also able to coordinate movements, so there is much less distraction during your ceremony.
Besides, we are a lot of fun and having two photographers with you all day will make you look famous! :)