Wedding Digital Negatives

What are Digital Negatives?
Digital negatives are the high-resolution digital images from your wedding. Think of them as the digital version of a film negative. We offer packages with and without digital negatives, and they can be added to any custom package.

Why would I want Digital Negatives with my photography package?
With Digital Negatives, you can print your own photos at home or your local photo lab. There are no restrictions on the size or number of you photographs you can print. Many clients will purchase digital negatives and then send out photographs to friends and family with thank you cards or just as a surprise gift. Other clients like the ideas of having a digital copy of all their wedding photographs for future use in the event they loose contact with our studio. Either way, digital negatives a great addition to any package.

$999 is a lot of dough, why are digital negatives so expensive?
With our digital negatives, you are purchasing the right to reproduce unlimited copies of the images, not CDs, DVDs, or Digital Files. While one client might print a single 4" x 6" of every photograph from her wedding to make a giant album, another client might print several copies of one family photograph to send to extended family as a thank you or holiday gift. The value to both clients is roughly the same even though the situations are very different. This is the reason for a "flat-fee" system on digital negatives - we do not control or restrict the reproduction of the images.

Are digital negatives from your studio high quality?
When you purchase digital negatives from our studio, you receive the highest possible quality version of each file. Many studios reduce the quality of digital files before delivering the images to the client to prohibit reprinting of images. We would not want to be treated like this, so this is not our practice. Like our prints and albums, we only provide you with the absolute best quality digital files.